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San Jose Pottery

San Jose Pottery Tiles with Cowboys

$ 2,500.00

What boy doesn't want to be a cowboy? What man doesn't secretly still want to be a cowboy? This pair of San Jose tiles of San Antonio Texas is all cowboy, all dude ranch. The glaze colors are bright, and the blonde wood frames are original to the tiles. Obviously hand made to fit each 7.75 inch tile individually, the sizes differ a bit. Overall, they measure about 11.5" square.

On one tile the cowboy and his horse are on a ridge overlooking the ranch with tall mountains in the background. The second tile the cowboy is riding a bucking bronco in a corral.

The detail and glazing on these tiles are spot on. The condition is very good, with only a surface scratch across the face of the bronco tile. These vintage tiles would look great on the wall of a room belonging to a lucky boy or girl, or in an upscale Molesworth interior or dude ranch.

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